LaTashia Mitchell

Hello, my name is LaTashia Mitchell I'm the owner of Something Natural Hair of Austin, Texas were I live with my beautiful family and work as a Executive Natural Hair Stylist. I would like to share with you my intention for developing our natural hair products. My intention is to provide healthy organic products that are safe to use on natural curly hair. Products that help Stimulate your hair Follicles, Detangle Curls, Control Frizz and add Shine to dull and limp hair. I really wanted to share these products with my clients, family and friends so I decided to figure out a way to service them from home due to the distress of COVID-19. My business had to close and during that time I wanted to offer the world natural hair products that support the health of there hair. While the pandemic is unfortunate, it served as the launching pad for my product line which I had been working on for some time. Something Natural Hair care products are Organic and Vegan-Friendly. They are specifically created for black women with natural curly hair. This line features 4 hair styling products: Hair and Body Butter, Curly Custard, a hair Moisturizer and Defining Hair Foam along with a Deep Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. These styling products are excellent for natural curly hair and perfect for moisturizing and refreshing your curls. Something Natural Hair Collection will be launched alongside our Afro Kinky Curl Extension Line that boldly celebrates the many Afro textures. 

Press Release: "LaTashia Mitchell is not a newcomer to the world of natural hair care. She has worked with Sanya Richards on" Glam and Gold. She has also serviced celebrity clients such as the Grammy winner, Koffee, professional athletes, photographers, models, and musicians from around the world. While she has rubbed shoulders with superstars  and spoke at natural hair shows, she also humbly serves her natural hair families in her community and educate them on how to properly care for there natural hair. 

Thank you for supporting our black owned business!